Ruslan Karpets | Wounds

Ruslan Karpets

“That boys went to fight and defend their nation is expected,” said Oksana Karpets, the mother of Ruslan, before describing the bureaucracy and inefficiency of dealing with government officialdom, “Ruslan will be disabled for the rest of his life… and we will live on with his disabilities, but it is essential that the government help us. However, on the contrary, it does everything to make life for us more difficult.”

Ruslan Karpets, 24, a father of two from Kremenets in Ternopil Oblast, receives help sitting up at the Kyiv Military Hospital from his mother Oksana (at right). Ruslan worked as a security guard prior to taking an active role in the Euromaidan Revolution. Afterward, he volunteered to serve in the Ukrainian military and was severely wounded in Debaltseve in September 2014. Ruslan has had lasting issues with pain due to nerve damage and there is hope that his left leg will be saved. He is currently undergoing treatment in Germany. Kyiv, January 8, 2015