Roman Kubishkin | Wounds

Roman Kubishkin

Roman Kubishkin, a 41 year-old construction worker, joined the volunteer battalion Right Sector and was based in Pisky, a village near the remains of the Donetsk International Airport.


Shells fired by Russian supported separatist forces on January 22, 2015 nearly killed him; in fact, his fellow soldiers thought he was dead due to a severe head trauma in which Roman lost much of the right side of his brain.

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“Sixteen clinics refused to take Roman because his condition was severely critical. Nodus was the only one,” said his mother Iryna. Roman is cared for at Nodus, a modern

neurological and neurosurgical rehabilitation center located in Brovary, outside of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. His monthly care costs approximately 70-80,000 UAH, ($3,000 – $3,300), which is largely funded by donations and volunteers.


“In the past 3 months my son has gained 10 kg and his face and body look completely different. He looks almost like a healthy person”, says Roman’s mother. Roman has completely lost the ability to move and communicate. At times he can carry out basic commands such as squeezing a hand or blinking two times in a row that illustrate that he recognizes a person who is looking at him.


In the photograph he is fastened and raised into a vertical position to rehabilitate his feeling of space and balance. This helps stimulate his brain to begin communicating with his body. Roman breathes through a tube in his neck and he is fed through another tube that carries food directly into his stomach. 

W98A1046_PS_lowIryna, Roman’s mother. 

To assist Roman please visit: ATO Heroes


A photograph of Roman before he was wounded.