Oleksandr Shapovalov | Wounds

Oleksandr Shapovalov


Oleksandr Shapovalov, 29, from Kirovohrad Oblast, has served in the Ukrainian Special Forces since 2011. Here he shows the scars he carries after being beaten and tortured in captivity with a knife. Mr. Shapovalov was shot three times during a battle and was then taken prisoner by Russian supported separatists. He was physically and psychologically tortured by armed men, several of which he witnessed journey toward the Russian border after abusing him. Kirovohrad, Ukraine, December 2, 2015

Alexander’s hands were bound and he was suspended from the ceiling, which made it easier to beat and kick him. "One of them slashed me with a knife and asked who I was. I said – I’m from the 3rd Regiment. I already thought this would be the end. They then strangled me and promised to cut off my head."