Oleksandr Kharin | Wounds

Oleksandr Kharin

"When the bullet struck me, I did not feel any pain at all. The first thing that I thought is that I had stepped on electrical wires. Then, after I fell, I felt so poorly I came to terms with the thought of my death. Then I remembered my family, children and wife… and decided I wanted to live.”

W98A6786_PSOleksandr Kharin, 46, from Simpheropol, is a husband and father of two teenagers. On July 10, 2015 a sniper shot him in the neck. Since then he has not been able to stand and can only partially move one arm. However, he has feelings in his arms and legs. He decided to join the Ukrainian army after the battle of Ilovaisk and after passing the medical commission was told to wait to be mobilized. He instead joined the OUN volunteer battalion and was based in Pisky where he was wounded. Kyiv, Ukraine, June 15, 2016

W98A6541_PSIryna, Oleksandr’s wife, gives him a shave in the morning. She is his primary caregiver. 

W98A6696_PSMarta Boyanivska, a volunteer and friend, greets Oleksandr at a rehabilitation center in Kyiv.