Artem Zapototsky | Wounds

Artem Zapototsky

“I cannot imagine myself not walking again.”

01JS_artemcopy Artem Zapototsky, 34, undergoes physical therapy in a pool in Truskavets. Artem was severely wounded while taking part in the Euromaidan Revolution on February 20, 2014, when he was shot in the back as he stood unarmed on the footbridge that crosses above Instytutska Street. The bullet damaged his spine before embedding near his left shoulder blade, where it remains today. Married and a father of two children, Artem is a lawyer from Lutsk. Dedicated and motivated, he aspires to regain the use of his legs and trains for approximately 6 hours a day while also continuing his work as a lawyer. Truskavets, Lviv Oblast, September 6, 2014

02JS_artemArtem is a lawyer for a large company. He often works on his mobile phone as he rests between intensive physical therapy sessions in Truskavets. Lviv Oblast, September 4, 2014