Artem Kravchenko | Wounds

Artem Kravchenko

“We gained our independence without blood. I knew that sooner or later there would be an armed conflict. There would be victims. Sooner or later this was bound to happen… At the moment we are being reborn as a people and as a strong and powerful European nation.”


Artem Kravchenko, 24, from Verkhovtsevo, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, works on his computer as he prepares to run for parliament as a single-seat constituency candidate. He is simultaneously undergoing treatment at the Dnipropetrovsk Burn Center for multiple gunshot wounds. He spent approximately two months on the Maidan during the revolution, and in July 2014, he volunteered to join the Dnipro 1 Battalion.

Artem was wounded while evacuating from Ilovaisk along the so-called green corridor. He could not walk because of pain and blood loss, so he slowly crawled approximately 3km to a nearby village over an 8-hour period. “I was so thirsty that at night I drank my own urine. In the village, the first thing I was looking for was water. I got to the pigs’ trough and began to drink from it and the pigs began to bite me.” Dnipropetrovsk, September 9, 2014