Andrij Zabihailo | Wounds

Andrij Zabihailo


"A prosthetic was ready for me in December 2014, but I did not stand on it for almost half a year. I was simply lethargic. My attitude was: I had a leg, and now I do not have a leg. I did not even want to wear it. I stayed home and did not want to do anything. In August 2015 I went for rehabilitation in Austria and in four days began to walk on the prosthetic. At home there was no motivation, but there I did not want to let down the doctors or my parents. The doctors there put on my feet and showed me exercises. I lifted myself up and began to walk, began to travel in Ukraine, began exercising, appeared in magazines and began meeting new people. It is important not to be idle."

Ukrainian army veteran Andrij Zabihailo, 28, of Kryvyi Rih, takes part in a new fitness program for wounded soldiers at a CrossFit Banda gym in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. The aim of the program is to give wounded veterans a place to work out, a community and to show that life doesn’t end after being wounded in war. Prior to the war, Andrij worked as a police escort for Ukrainian Railways. In May 2014 he quit his job and joined the army where he served in the 17th Tank Brigade as a commander of a BMP-2. Andrij was severely wounded while carrying out his duties when an RPG hit his brigade’s position. Kyiv, Ukraine, May 26, 2016